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Letter to Editor: Elizabeth of Nashville, TN

Elizabeth of Nashville, TN writes: My 32 year old daughter-in-law has a bone marrow failure disease. There is one and only one drug used to treat her condition. It is not a cure, however. What it does is binds to her red blood cells so that her body does not identify them as “abnormal”. This…

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test of nashville, TN

test of nashville, TN writes: test   test   test Help test get this message heard by adding your voice. We’re stronger together. [ADD YOUR STORY]

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Sandra of Gold Canyon, AZ

Sandra of Gold Canyon, AZ writes: Hello. My name is Sandra. I’m 25 years of age. I could tell you all about myself but I’d rather tell you all about my amazing brother. Kenneth in my family is known as the miracle child. He was born as a premi. The doctors told my mom that…

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