Sean of Joelton, TN

Sean of Joelton, TN writes:

My wife and I live in Joelton, TN on a couple acres and look after my 80 year old mother and a few barnyard animals. We both work in different aspects of community health and witness firsthand the plight of the uninsured. Between us we have over fifty years of looking after folks and trying to improve their

Our daughter was able to use the ACA exchange to cover pre-natal and post natal care of our newest granddaughter’s birth. Our friend’s autistic adult child was able to get extended coverage after he reached 21. My sister got insurance for the first time in years. Repealing this program and replacing it with more plans without these protections and a subsidy will harm the people we love and care for. It is a betrayal of the less fortunate for political theater.

Political capital is at a low in DC. We understand. Everyone has wasted it, regardless of party. But if there is no courage to face the healthcare inflation crisis, if vouchers replace insurance as a concession to big business, y’all will have hell to pay. From us for sure, but maybe even from God above. We are supposed to care for one another improve as a community, not hurt people for a profit.

I still remember that this plan came from the Heritage Foundation. It was implemented by Gov. Romney first. It depended on big number to reduce the cost of healthcare inflation. It is designed to reduce emergency room visits.  It is weaker because of politics and not design.

We ask that rather than appeal/replace the ACA you stiffen the fine for non-insurance and reinstate the small business mandate and expand Medicaid. We need practical, preventative, prescriptive utilization. not chaos.

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