Letter to Editor: Keren of Nashville, TN

Keren of Nashville, TN writes:

Dear Editor,

I am a local mother, wife and self employed commercial designer. I love this city and the life our family has built.   We are now one of the families lucky enough to have great high-quality healthcare.  This was not always the case.  For many years I was stuck in a dismal job, depressed with no options for a future.  I stayed at this job because it employee provided healthcare since my husband had lost his job during the recession.  We could not afford for me to take the next step in my career and path to freedom and self fulfillment because we needed the healthcare for our young family.  I can now say with pride that the ACA has allowed my family to pursue our professional paths without worrying about coverage.  The freedom and the breath of air and space it gave our family is life changing.  We depend, like 500,000 fellow Tennesseans on this coverage. Before Senator Alexander and the Congressional Republicans tear apart our health system, they need to show us a comprehensive plan to protect the health and financial security of our families.

Please listen to us.  Hear our voices!

Thank you,





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