Kellie of Knoxville, TN

Kellie of Knoxville, TN writes:

I’ve lived in Knoxville all my life, circulating through all the various coffee shops at some point in time. Currently I am a student at UTK studying political science and public relations. I chose these majors because I strongly believe the people of this nation who have seen, listened to, and experienced adversity will be the one’s who change it, which includes myself.

When I began college I realized I needed to go on birth control because of the massive migraines I was experiencing due to hormones my senior year of high school. Once I began taking the pill, my migraines went down dramatically, making it easy to study for exams again. I realized if I were not on my parent’s health insurance plan I would be paying out of pocket for essentially the medicine I require to pass an exam. With the rising rates of tuition and the minimum wage job I’m working, paying for pills wouldn’t be the biggest necessity when it comes to living costs.

And everyone knows my story isn’t the story that would persuade anyone from keeping the ACA in tact. But the problem is it is one out of the millions. There are dramatic differences in people’s quality of life since the ACA was passed and to take that away, or to not provide it in the first place, is sickening.

We need Obamacare. It has given hope, happiness, and healthiness to millions of Americans which is what a country of this caliber should be doing. It should protect and give to it’s citizens who have been taken advantage of. We are a nation of equal opportunity and that includes access to health.


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