Katherine of Philadelphia, PA

Katherine of Philadelphia, PA writes:

I work with Medicaid beneficiaries for my full-time job as a leader at a non-profit in Philadelphia. And my brother, my spouse, and I all have chronic health conditions. I’ve seen how hard it is to make health care affordable in this country, and I’ve seen how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — for all it’s weaknesses — improves the state of Medicaid and the options for uninsured non-Medicaid eligible through the exchanges.



Without the ACA, my brother (cancer), my spouse (cystic fibrosis), and I (Crohn’s) would have all been relying on free last-minute hospital care rather than treating our conditions more preventatively. That hospital option is more expensive to the county, state & feds in the long run–and it would have shortened our lives by not allowing us to maintain good health between hospitalizations (or even avoid hospitalizations all together like we’re now able to do with the help and coverage provided to us from the ACA).


Please don’t take away the ACA from my family; in fact, I would love your help fighting for saving it. We rely on it, and we need you to instead focus on making health care more affordable in this country. That’s what is driving up premiums–not the ACA. Please work at the root of the problem without hurting those of us who need it most.

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