Tell YOUR Elected Officials:
vote NO on the special session attacking health protections from COVID

Dear [My Elected Official]:

We all deserve and want freedom from COVID but a few radical politicians would rather continue their attacks on public safety measures called for by our health experts and it’s only prolonging this crisis and threatening the safety, health and wellbeing of our kids and the community.

Will you please VOTE NO on the proposed special session attacking health protections from COVID?

Our kids deserve the freedom to be safe in school, and employees safe at work, regardless of their color, where they live or the politics of other people, without exceptions.

We have seen through COVID just how much the health of one person is affected by the person next to them. No one should be able to dodge their duty to keep our community and kids safe.

The guidance of our health experts to vaccinate and temporarily wear masks has been proven to keep our children and communities safe, and put us on a path toward freedom from COVID. Please, reject the ongoing political attacks on the health and wellbeing of families in our state.

Tennesseans are known for getting through tough times by pitching in and pulling through together. The politicians who want to use a special session to further spread misinformation, stoke fear of temporary masking or vaccinations, or who want to undermine our local health departments, are distracting from their own failures to improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of Tennesseans.

Help protect the health and wellbeing of Tennesseans, help us get freedom from COVID: Vote NO on this special session attacking the health and safety of our state.

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