Tipton County Needs Urgent Leadership.
Tell Tipton County and Gov. Lee to Stop Ignoring Health Experts!

Send a message to the Tipton County Mayor, School Board, Commissioners and Gov. Bill Lee

Dear Tipton County Mayor, Commissioners and Governor Lee,

We can beat COVID-19, save lives, keep businesses and schools safely open and make sure fewer folks suffer in this crisis, but it depends on trusting the health experts and doing what is proven to work.

Mask mandates work. Reports from Vanderbilt Medical Center this month prove it. Reports comparing counties with mask mandates vs. those without proves it. Those same reports have shown counties with mask mandates have done better economically too, successfully keeping more businesses and schools open by successfully keeping more COVID out.

Gov. Lee has refused to listen to the health experts for months and it has allowed things to only get worse. It has been months since 39 critical care doctors across Tennessee first called for a statewide mask mandate on July 6th. It has been months since the White House COVID-19 Task Force first began telling Tennessee must have a mask mandate to save lives, hospital capacity, and our economy. Since then we've only seen entirely avoidable increases in business and school closures, hospitalizations, and deaths.

How much longer do we need to wait for leaders that will take responsibility, listen to our health experts and take the decisive action that will get COVID under control, spare more lives, and keep more businesses and schools open?


- Board Certified (and Board Eligible) Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, RNs
- Tennessee business owners
- Tennessee teachers
- Your constituents and citizens of Tennessee
- List of Cosigners to be inserted here