Therese of Chattanooga, TN

Therese of Chattanooga, TN writes:

originally from atl. she’s been in chattanooga since june 2014, before that she was in fairfax, va.

She was teaching, and now she’s retired. she is doing a lot of volunteer work – supporting local candidates running for office, grassroots campaigning. involved with school board activities as a former teacher.

married with 2 grown daughters. 2 grandchildren.
had health care through husband’s employment and her own employment insurance throughout her life. She got some medical issues. If she had not had the healthcare that she had, she would have had pre-existing condition. When the ACA came about, and her husband retired, and he turned 65 so he got medicare. So she applied for insurance through the ACA, in the fall of 2014 (for the year 2015). She applied because she didn’t have other options because not covered through employers for either her husband or herself.

The second year, bump in costs of ACA coverage. in the third year, another big drastic bump in cost of ACA coverage because insurance companies dropping out. back in nov, signed up for it again and filled out all of the paperwork online. Decided that it didn’t make sense because she didn’t qualify for subsidies. She signed up through BCBST as an individual. Jan 13 – email from BCBST saying refunded her money because she’s no longer in the program. Difficulties with BCBST and ACA, and BCBST said to either remove ACA coverage or let it expire.
I do have a pre-existing conditions, and without insurance, the cost would be a concern. and if i couldn’t get a doctor with my pre-existing condition, i wouldnt be able to get medicine at all.

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