Tennessee Physicians Need Your Help Texting Tennesseans Important Public Information About the Coronavirus and How They Should Respond

  • Over 2,000 Tennessee medical professionals asked the Governor for a "Shelter In Place" Order
  • Governor Lee has only suggested social distancing, and medical professionals don't think this goes far enough to save lives.
  • We are texting Tennesseeans an urgent Public Service Announcement on behalf of these 2,000 medical professionals to do what the Governor has not, help the public better understand why even though the Governor has not ordered "Shelter in Place" why it is so important for the safety and wellbeing of Tennesseans that every Tennessean stay safe at home, and shelter in place over the next 14 days.
  • You will be texting a publicly available list of registered voters in Tennessee with this message from Tennessee physicians, along with how they can help medical professionals call on Governor Lee to do more to save Tennessean lives.

What to Expect

  • After signing up below you will receive a text and email in 30 minutes with instructions on how to download the app or start texting from the web.
  • A name will pop up on your screen and you'll simply click "send" to send a text.
  • When people respond you will be offered a variety of template responses you can use, or edit and send your own.
  • This is fast, easy and will help us reach many Tennesseans.