Scott of Nashville, TN

December 6, 2016

Scott of Nashville, TN writes: In 2000, I had CIGNA health insurance. My premium was $10,000 a year. I was self-employed. CIGNA took care of prescriptions and doctor’s visits. But in 2008 our premium rose to $18,000 a year with a $5,000 deducible. But if we went in the hospital, we would have to pay a $27,000 deducible.…

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Melissa of knoxville, TN

December 5, 2016

melissa of knoxville, writes: I am a 45 year old woman living in Knoxville, who has Multiple Sclerosis. My MS was diagnosed 11 years ago, after a hospital stay that totaled $38,000. Luckily, I had insurance at the time, but quickly realized I would never have the luxury of not having health insurance. MS hits…

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