My brother died of COVID – Governor Lee’s failure to lead and protect Tennesseans

August 4, 2020

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Daphne Foust. I have been a physician assistant since 1988. I was raised in a very small town in western Tennessee and I have one sibling, Brett Tracy, who is 4 years older than I. We grew up like most kids in a small town with…

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Pediatrician Dr. Chris Keefer – “We are fighting a public health battle”

August 3, 2020

I’m Dr. Christopher Keefer, a pediatrician and associate professor at Meharry Medical College. My wife is also a physician, and we’re the parents of 13-year-old twins. On July 10th, I tested positive for COVID-19 and I self-isolated at home for a period of two weeks. Fortunately, my symptoms were very mild and my recovery was…

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After failing to contain COVID-19 pandemic, 97% of Tennessee counties approach “critical” outbreak status

July 30, 2020

Harvard Global Health Institute K-12 guidance shows need for “remote learning” and potential “Stay-at-Home Orders” NASHVILLE — Even with COVID-19 infections spiking 33% in just 10 days among Tennessee’s school-age children and the pandemic worsening, Gov. Lee and some local leaders continue to push for in-person classes at public schools across the state. Meanwhile, Tennessee and most counties…

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A TN School Bus Driver’s Perspective

July 29, 2020

Out of fear of losing their job, this school bus driver requested we share their story anonymously. Tell Gov. Lee and Your Local Officials: Delay In-Person Classes Until COVID-19 Is Under Control “I have to drive the bus for the elementary school kids because they are opening.  My own child I signed up for online.…

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Gov. Lee’s rejection of Dr. Birx, COVID-19 mitigation strategies akin to ‘medical malpractice’

July 28, 2020

Governor’s refusal to listen to doctors, experts compounds failed reopening, spiraling economy and mounting death toll Nashville – Monday, Gov. Lee rejected warnings from federal health officials that said his refusal to close bars would lead to greater, avoidable deaths. Gov. Lee has also rejected for weeks recommendations in this Federal Report by CDC HHS and…

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TN Doctors, Teacher on Gov. Lee’s White House Task Force Visit and CDC Report

July 27, 2020

Health Professionals Call for Statewide School Delay and Mask Mandate Amid Tennessee’s Worsening COVID-19 Health Crisis Nashville – Doctors and a teacher react to an alarming report released by the Department of Health and Human Services and Associate and Centers for Disease Control that called on Gov. Lee weeks ago to issue a statewide mask…

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Doctors: COVID-19 Surge Demands Statewide Delay of In-Person Classes

July 22, 2020

Data should drive a safe reopening’: Doctors say starting in-person classes under current COVID-19 conditions endangers our children, teachers and their families. Doctors call for greater state leadership and interventions to get COVID-19 under control BEFORE rushing to reopen schools Physicians are urging Gov. Bill Lee and local school officials to delay in-person classes at…

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Time for Leadership in the Governor’s Office

July 17, 2020

I am Dr. Bob Rosen. I moved to Tennessee 4 years ago after a 40-year career as an emergency physician. My daughter, who lives and works in Nashville, is also an emergency physician and my son-in-law is a pulmonologist and critical care physician here in town. I practiced emergency medicine through the eras of AIDS,…

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RED ALERT: Trump White House Report Shows Gov. Lee Must Act Urgently Against Covid-19 Surge

July 17, 2020

Nashville — Dr. Nick Cote, a physician and board president of a large, doctor-owned practice in Tennessee, says the White House Coronavirus Task Force report assigning a “red alert” to Tennessee is a clear signal action is needed urgently. “Now the Trump administration is ringing alarm bells about Tennessee’s lax response to the raging pandemic,” Cote said.…

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We are losing the coronavirus battle – Gov. Lee must change strategies

July 15, 2020

I am Dr. Amy Gordon Bono. My family roots are in Tennessee.  I come from generations of farmers, teachers, nurses and factory workers.  I am the first doctor in my family.  The responsibility to help others is a key family value and I still believe to this day that “to whom much is given, much…

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