Tell Bill Lee: STOP making teachers use personal sick days for COVID!


COVID has shown us more than ever just how much we depend on our teachers and public schools.

Tell Gov. Lee: our teachers shouldn't have to use their personal sick days when exposed to COVID taking care of our children.

Gov. Lee’s ‘fend for yourself’ approach to COVID abandoned parents, teachers, children, business owners, and our community to fight this pandemic all on their own. We are supposed to get through tough times by pulling through together.

Instead, Gov. Lee has undermined and ignored health professionals, suppressed vital life-saving guidance, spread misinformation, and pit us against each other.

The consequence: our kids are being ripped back out of school and parents and teachers away from work, because of a worsening covid outbreak filling our hospitals and endangering the health and wellbeing of us all.

Teachers shouldn't be punished or lose personal sick days when doing their jobs leads to COVID exposure.

While some politicians and political groups protest school board meetings and blame others to distract from their own failures to deliver for Tennesseans; we know that when we go all-in for all of us, no matter our color, politics, or place in TN, we keep all our children safer in school and all our families safer at work - and our teachers we depend so much on, deserve no less - no exceptions, no cop-outs.

That should begin by protecting personal sick days for teachers.