Sherrie of Ooltewah, TN

Sherrie of Ooltewah, TN writes:

I have lived in Chattanooga for 13 years. I work as a Speech Language Pathologist in various medical settings. I  am a single woman who has often dreamed of starting my own business. I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Personally, I have often dreamed of starting my own business. However, as I began to lay out the plans to do so I encountered one major expense that I could not circumvent. This was the issue of affording health insurance. As I did research I was often told that I would have a high premium and deductible or plainly denied to a pre existing condition. Since I am single, I could not afford the opportunity to be placed as a spousal dependent. I could not afford not have or not to have health insurance as a potential business owner. When the ACA was passed it allowed me to dream again of starting my own business because I could no longer be denied insurance! So, I have transitioning into becoming a proud business owner

As a Clinician I also see the devastating effects of individuals who have not had the access to health care and the effects on one’s health. Annual visits to identify, treat and manage chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension are important to preventing events such as heart attacks or strokes The ACA has afforded people to have truly a new lease on life.  I ask that you stand with me to implore that our Senators and Representatives stand and Say “No” to Repealing the ACA.

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