Williamson County: ALL kids should be safe in school, no exceptions!


COVID is getting worse in Williamson County and it's ripping kids out of school, and families out of work, to care for kids getting sicker as our hospitals fill.
It doesn't have to be this way.

Use the form to write YOUR county school board members and elected officials calling on them to put the safety of all children first, no exceptions.

The mask requirements called for by our country‚Äôs leading health professionals, with ūüöę exceptions or cop-outs, is how we keep COVID out of school, kids safer IN classrooms, & families at work instead of home, sick.


  • Include a first paragraph¬†you write yourself about how this impacts your family¬†and a plea for help.¬† Let's be KIND but firm.
  • Share why children safe in schools following AAP and CDC public health guidance is important to you.

Potential things to address in your email:

  • Universal masking K-12 with only medical exemptions¬†(religious can be done by MD)
  • Virtual learning options when too high prevalence rate in the community
  • Strict illness policies with COVID test negative or MD note to return.
  • Distancing, Cohorting in classrooms or outdoor lunch groups,
  • Teachers and visitors are required to be vaccinated now that FDA approval
  • Paid COVID leave for teachers¬†
  • Condemn attacks against health care teams that try to combat misinformation
  • Avoid high-risk gatherings such as assemblies, pep rallies, open house, performances, choir recitals, etc.