Dear Metro Nashville Health Department and Mayor John Cooper,

Everyone in our community deserves safety and equal protection from COVID, regardless of their color, creed, status, gender identity or politics.

When times are tough, we’re the kind of community that gets through those tough times by pulling together. That’s how we got through the worst peak of COVID last year. By renewing the same public safety interventions which Mayor Cooper and the Metro Nashville Health Department implemented last year, which worked, we can get through these tough times again.

We need you to again provide the leadership our state leadership refuses, so that our businesses and schools can stay safely open and fewer Tennesseans suffer from this preventable disease now spreading rapidly throughout our state.

No business owner, employee or customer in our community should have to face this pandemic on their own. By leading again you take that burden off our business owners, their employees and customers, and help our community get through this crisis faster, and together.

The COVID crisis has worsened and hospitals are filling up. When the SARS-Cov-2 infections peaked here in December, we had an indoor mask mandate, limits on gatherings, capacity limits for restaurants and bars. Currently we have no such safety measures in place and the situation is rapidly worsening.

The science is clear at this point. Masks work. Mask mandates work. While we agree that vaccines are the way to end this pandemic, until vaccination rates are sufficient and inclusive of children, we need to ensure everyone is wearing a mask. The best way to keep businesses and schools open, employees, customers, teachers and children safe, is with temporary mask requirements for indoor and crowded spaces.

Immunity from vaccinations takes time. Precious time we do not have while our healthcare system is again at the brink of collapse without your leadership and intervention. If things continue as they are, we are genuinely concerned hospitals and healthcare workers will be forced to make tough decisions and start rationing resources.

Breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals are occurring with more frequency. We know that even the fully vaccinated can transmit the virus. Immunity may be waning in those that received their vaccines early in the pandemic and boosters have not yet been approved for the majority of people.

With school back in session and kids under twelve not yet eligible for the vaccine, we commend the Metro Nashville Public School Board and Dr. Adrienne Battle for issuing a universal masking requirement for schools. We have seen this successfully limit the transmission of COVID within our schools but we urgently need the entire community to do their part for safe in-person learning to continue to occur.

Temporary mask requirements, with no exceptions, are how we go all in for all of us and get through this crisis like Nashville got through so many other disasters: by pulling through together.

When you renew your previously successful order for temporary mask requirements in crowded areas and indoor spaces, you will again help our community pull through together.

The time for aggressive public health safety measures is now. We urge the health department and city leaders to institute a universal indoor mask requirement in Davidson County. Help slow the spread of the delta variant with proven safety measures while we work together to encourage vaccinations.

Together we can end this pandemic.


Dr. Katrina Green, Emergency Physician, and...

Diana Sepehri-Harvey, Physician, Ascension Saint Thomas (Nashville)
Emily Tarvin, Physician, (Nashville)
Kristina Betters, Physician, (Nashville)
Lee Lancaster, Physician, Navy (Nashville)
Meredith Duke, Physician, Vanderbilt (Franklin)
Heather Andrews, Physician, Ascension St Thomas Midtown Hospital (Nashville)
Shayne Taylor, Physician, VUMC (Nashville)
Howard Rosenblum, Physician, (Nashville)
Shilpa Carlson, Physician, (Nashville)
Dr. Krista Suojanen, Physician, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville)
Jessica Rosen, Physician, St. Thomas Nashville (Nashville)
Donna Perlin, Pediatric Emergency Physician, Centenniel Children's Hospital (Nashville)
Vidya Bansal, MD, Pediatrician (Nashville)
Mary Kline Barnes, MD, (Nashville)
April Barnado, MD, (Nashville)
Ruth Stewart, MD, Vanderbilt medical group (Nashville)
Lisa Clewner-Newman, MD, (Nashville)
Dr. Michelle Fiscus, Physician, (Franklin)
Jennifer Ker, MD, (Nashville)
Amy Bono, MD,MPH, Heritage Medical Centers (Nashville)
Lauren Taylor, Emergency Physician, (Nashville)
Ashley Terry, DO, MPH, Family Physician STMP Bellevue (Nashville)
Julia Thompson, MD, (Nashville)
Dr. Matthew Martin, Physician, (Nashville)
Ellen Elise Lamar, Physician, (Nashville)
Rachel Morton, DPT, (Franklin)
Michael Beckham, Physician, (Nashville)
Lauren Samuels, Physician, (Nashville)
Matthew Lipton, Emergency Medicine Physician, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville)
Joyce Williams, ICU Physician, (Nashville)
Laura Dunbar, MD, (Nashville)
Stacey Vallejo, MD, St. Thomas West (Nashville)
Rachel Mehr, MD, Practice/Business Name (Brentwood)
Louise Merritt, MD, (Nashville)
Jaime Bryan, MD, (Nashville)
Bhupendra Rajpura, MD, (Brentwood)
Murray Arons, MD Chairman Critical Care, Skyline Medical Center (Brentwood)
Lawrence Kleuser, Physician, (Nashville)
Giovanna Giannico, Physician, VUMC (Brentwood)
Ryan Mire, Physician, Nashville (Nashville)
Fritz Parl, Physician, (Nashville)
Brian Biesman, Physician, Brian S. Biesman, M.D. (Nashville)
Susan Menking, Physician, (Nashville)
Margee Brennan, Physician, (Nashville)
Carmen Wolfe, Physician, (Nashville)
Lynsey Rothenburger, Physician, (Nashville)
Iris Rotker, Physician, (Franklin)
Lisa Zuckerwise MD, Physician, Vanderbilt (Nashville)
Dr. Valerie Martin, Physician, (Brentwood)
Julia Thompson MD, Physician, (Nashville)
JAYESH PATEL, Physician, (Brentwood)
Jennifer Carman, Physician, Heritage Medical Associates (Brentwood)
Melinda Turner, Physician, (Nashville)
Alison Asaro, Physician, (Nashville)
John Interlandi, Physician, (Nashville)
Michelle Cochran, Physician, Self Employed (Brentwood)
Swaroopa Bartakke, Physician, (Franklin)
Mary Lacy, Physician, (Albuquerque)
John Witt, Physician, (Hendersonville)
JIM KEFFER, Physician, Crosspoint Church - Franklin Campus (Nashville)
Julian Heitz, Physician, (Nashville)
Howard Snyder, Physician, (Nashville)
Linda Halperin, Physician, (Brentwood)
Joan Bowles, Physician, St Thomas Midtown (Franklin)
Matt Neal, Emergency Medicine Physician, (Nashville)
Dana Cardin, Physician, (Nashville)
Sarah Parker, MD, Vanderbilt (Nashville)
Michelle Walther, Emergency Medicine Physician, Sumner Regional Hospital (Nashville)
Susanne Tropez Sims MD MPH, (Brentwood)
Sapna Gangaputra, Physician, (Brentwood)
William Kenner, Physician, (Nashville)
MJ Brown, Physician, (Brentwood)
Jacqueline Gentry, Doctor, Ascension (Nolensville)
Jonathan Andereck, Physician, Vanderbilt (Nashville)
Viren Shah, MD, Tristar Horizon medical center (Dickson)
Safia Salaria, Physician, (Nashville)
Josh Denney, Emergency Medicine Physician, (Nashville)
Carolyn Thompson, Physician, (Nashville)
Jennifer Rabjohns, Emergency Medicine Physician, Rochester Regional Health (Fairport)
Jalila Hudson, MD, (Franklin)
Kris Gaffney, Physician, (Nashville)
Julie Littwin, ER Physician, (Chicago)
Faith Quenzer, Physician, (San Diego)
Barrett Conner, Pulmonary & Critical Care, Tristar Skyline Medical Center (Nashville)
Bhupendra Rajpura, MD, (Brentwood)
Susan Briley, MD, Ascension St Thomas, Healogics (Nashville)
Wendy Fish, Physician, (Nashville)
Horton Li, Dentist, NYU Nashville (Nashville)
Nell Nestor, Physician, Retired (Hendersonville)
Joshua Grahe, DO, VUMC (Nashville)
Shannah Steel, ER physician, (Pleasant View)
Tom John, Retired MD, Tom John (Nashville)
Marshall Hall, Physician, (Nashville)
Amber Edwards, Physician, (Nashville)

Jamie Ho, Optometric Physician, (Nashville)

Michael Haynes, Physician Assistant, (Nashville)
Venus Oliva, Physician, (Philadelphia)
Michael Miller, Ascension Med, Nashville Medical Group (Brentwood)
Mary Richie, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Elen Puckett, Physician Assistant, (Nashville)
Leah C, ED Nurse (Nolensville)
Valton Adams, Registered Nurse, (Nashville)
Cris Corley, DC, Vice Chair Tennessee Sierra Club (Lebanon)
Edward Fischer, Professor, Vanderbilt (Nashville)
Carl Hellerqvist, Professor Emeritus, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (Nashville)
James Atkinson, Professor Emeritus, Vanderbilt (Brentwood)
John Shatzer, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University (Nashville)
Scott Dalrymple, Physician Assistant, (Thompsons Station)
Caroline Christopher, Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University (Nashville)
Lynnette Henderson, Resident Director, Our Place Nashville (Nashville)
Tracy Podgorski, Administrative Assistant, Rare Disease Therapeutics (Nashville)
Angela Peake, Clinical Pharmacist, (Nashville)
Susan Horton, Pharmacist, (Nashville)
Claire Harris Kramer, , Alive Hospice (Nashville)
Judith Milam, Nurse, (Nashville)
Caroline Duley, Nurse Practitioner, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville)
Mo Rassekhi, Nurse practitioner, Vanderbilt (Nashville)
Alexis Paulson, Nurse Practitioner, Vanderbilt (Brentwood)
Mary West, Registered Nurse, (Nashville)
Ashley Wiseman, RN, (Murfreesboro)
Nan Allison, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Allison Nutrition Consultants, Inc. (Nashville)
Tanya Parrish, Registered Nurse, (Kingston Springs)
Susan Swanson-Moore, APRN, Neuroscience and TMS Center (Franklin)
Ursula Heitz, Healthcare Professional RN MSN, Retired (Nashville)
Monica Flynn Urness, LCSW, (Nashville)
Amanda Marshall, LMSW, (Old Hickory)
Adrien MacKenzie, LMT, CLT-LANA Lymphedema Management, Osher center for integrative medicine at Vanderbilt (Nashville)
Kristina Long, LPN, (Mount Juliet)
Cathleen Moore, Registered Nurse, (Thompsons Station)
Mary West, Registered Nurse, (Nashville)
Kristy Branson, RN, (Thompsons Station)
Ellie H, RN, VUMC (Nashville)
Meghan Hayes, RN, MSN, ANP-BC, (Nashville)
Cindy Pastern, RN, retired, (Hermitage)
Cheryl Major, Nurse, Retired (Nashville)
Mary Phillips, Nurse, NS TMS Treatment Center (Kingston Springs)
Patricia Scott, Nurse, (Joelton)
Trina Hays, Nurse, Not Employed (Thompsons Station)
Michael Bernard, Nurse, Retired (Nashville)
Elisabeth Radish, Nurse Practitioner, (Nashville)
Beverly Byram, Nurse Practitioner, (Old Hickory)
Le Roy Evans, Nurse, Critical Care, (La Vergne)
Dr. Lauren Brown, Social Worker, (Nashville)
Austin Jolliff, Social Worker, Retired (Nashville)
MARY SCHAEFER, Social Worker, VUMC (Nashville)
Margaret Turner, Social Worker, Retired (Nashville)
Mary Walker, Retired lawyer/social worker, (Nashville)

Linda Pearce, CPNP, RN , Retired (Brentwood)
Virginia Williams, Retired RN, MSN, (Nashville)
Juanita Taylor, Reigstered Nurse, Nashville (Nashville)
Katherine Lisle, RN, St Thomas Midtown Hospital (Nashville)
Mason Johnson, RN, Emergency Medicine (Hendersonville)
Adam Lassiter RN BSN LNC, , (Nashville)
Elizabeth Alexander, Nurse, St. Thomas West (Hermitage)
Jennifer Alexander, Nurse practitioner, (Murfreesboro)
Elizabeth Blackmon, RN, BSN, (Nashville)
Kristen Burgess, RN, (Nashville)
Jenny Cameron, RN, (Goodlettsville)
Schyler Moore, COVID ICU Registered Nurse, (Old Hickory)
Caitlyn Woodside, Nurse, (Nashville)
Lana Hirsch, Nurse practitioner, Neighborhood Health and St Thomas Midtown (Nashville)
Karin Balsley, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Mary Cheuvront, Retired RN BSN, Retired (Nashville)
Grayce McKinney, Certified Nurse Anesthetist, Retired (Nashville)
Carolina Bradley, BSN, RN, (Nashville)
Marian Taylor, Retired Social Worker, (Nashville)
Linda Brown, Medical Technologist, AMT (Hendersonville)
Eryn Karmiller, Administrator, Ascension Saint Thomas (Nashville)
Elizabeth Maloney, Psychologist, (Mount Juliet)
Lori Coleman, Director, DemCast (Franklin)
Katherine Harris, Administrator, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Spring Hill)
Octavia Harris, Phlebotomist, Franklin (Nashville)
Megan Thomas, Licensed Professional Counselor, (Franklin)
Bobby Kent, Healthcare worker, (Nashville)
Lori Long, Physical Therapist, (Clarksville)

Jodi O'Hara, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
April BRADLEY, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Pamela West, Medical Professional, (Brentwood)
Azadeh Raissi, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Daryl Kleuser, Medical Professional, (Kingston Springs)
Margen Laratta, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Ginger Lange, medical Professional, (Nashville)
June Caine, Medical Professional, Retired (Spring Hill)
Maggie Smitha, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Jane Wilkerson, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Jodi Solem, Medical Professional, VUMC (Brentwood)
Mary Murray, Medical Professional, (Brentwood)
Wanda Webb, Medical Professional, (Brentwood)
Jessica Hoffman, Medical Professional, (Mount Juliet)
Rebecca Dickinson, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Dr Seth and Suzanne Cooper, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Dr Michael Bathke, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Jacob Curry, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Eileen Lawrence, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
June Caine, Medical Professional, Retired (Spring Hill)
Maggie Smitha, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Jane Wilkerson, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Jodi Solem, Medical Professional, VUMC (Brentwood)
Mary Murray, Medical Professional, (Brentwood)
Wanda Webb, Medical Professional, (Brentwood)
Jessica Hoffman, Medical Professional, (Mount Juliet)
Rebecca Dickinson, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Dr Seth and Suzanne Cooper, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Dr Michael Bathke, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Jacob Curry, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Eileen Lawrence, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Donna Trotter, Medical Professional, Southern Baptist (Nashville)
Joseph Stein, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Chris Burke, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Brittany Paul, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Chris Crown, Medical Professional, (Cordova)
Gia Nescio, Medical Professional, (Sicklerville)
Christopher Conley, Medical Professional, (Nashville)
Dipti Patel, Medical Professional, (Nashville)

Gordon Wynn, President, TN Carriers (Memphis)
Jonathan Marx, Director of Communications, Nashville Symphony (Nashville)
Gina Mendello, CEO, CPR Entertainment (Nashville)
Yuri Cunza, President and CEO, Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Nashville)
Stephanie Silverman, Executive Director, Belcourt Theatre (Nashville)
Nicole Provonchee, Founder, Bright Blue Consulting (Nashville)
Ariele Foster, Events Sales Manager, The National Museum of African American Music (Nolensville)
Michelle Bell, Winemaker, City Winery Nashville (Nashville)
Jenn Lorrain, Hospitality Labor Operations Manager, Nowsta (Madison)
Eric Elwell, Executive, Elevation Studios (Nashville)

Ronna Rubin, Owner, Rubin Media (Nashville)
Gretchen Smith, Co-Founder, Hey Hey Creative (Nashville)
Tereva Parham, Executive, TerevaFeva (Antioch)
Lindsey Bathke, Business Owner, Say Something Beautiful (Nashville)
Sidney Clein, ,Cleinco International (Nashville)
Lisa Byrd, Realtor, Benchmark Realty (Mount Juliet)
Trevor Silva, Owner, My Cluck Hut (Nashville)
Allison Holley, Business Owner, Apple & Oak (Madison)
Chris Moth, Software Engineer, Vanderbilt University and Teleflora LLC (Nashville)
Gabriella Papa, Scientist, Center of Knowledge Management (Hermitage)
Jim Thomas, Cancer patient/husband-dad/entrepeneur, Spirit of Nashville Gifts (Nashville)
David Hans, Designer, A Greener Way llc (Antioch)
Cheryl Robinson-Benion, Self Employed, AV Marketing Group, LLC (Nashville)
JoAnna Lopez, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Chris Jarvis, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Alan Spindel, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Robin Adams, Business Owner, (Hermitage)
Sandra Herder, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Virginia Warren, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Isabella Anderson-Harder, Business owner, (Nashville)
Lee Roberts, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Donlee Likins, Business Owner, (Hermitage)
Debra Dickey, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Rodney Bedsole, Business Owner, (Nolensville)
Ashley Thomas, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Mandi Paola, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Katherine Collins, Business Owner, (Hermitage)
Cameron Macmillan, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Gregory O'Loughlin, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Melissa Gay, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Setg Kiehl, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Krystal Douglas, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Michaela Griffin, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Nancy Short, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Christiane Davis, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Kayce Tutor, Business Owner, Self Employed (Nashville)
Randall McCathren, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Darryl Wilson, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Jason Green, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Karen Roberts, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Connie Stapleton, Business Owner, (Hendersonville)
Helen Hooper-Hirst, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Max Butler, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Amanda Livsey, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Rita Davidson, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Sarah Baer, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Danyelle Osborne, Business Owner, (Smyrna)
Sharon Robinson, Business Owner, (Antioch)
Lindsay Farrer, Business Owner, (Madison)
Lesa Schultz, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Jody Whelan, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Virginia Ridgers, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Tu Trieu, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Amy Renigar, Accountant, (Nashville)
Russ Bradford, Analyst, (Nashville)
Chelsea Begley, , Self Employed (Hendersonville)
Jodi Hays Gresham, Artist, (Nashville)
Allan Ramsaur, Attorney, (Nashville)
Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur, Attorney, (Nashville)
Jayne Workman, Attorney, (Nashville)
John Mack Green, Attorney, (Murfreesboro)
James Myers, Sole Proprietor, (Nashville)
Antony Young, Collections, Aim Healthcare (Nolensville)
Amy Martin, Owner, Self Employed (Nashville)
Delilah Cohn, Owner, Self Employed (Nashville)
Lauren OMeara, Owner, Self Employed (Franklin)
Kiersten Collier, Paralegal, VUMC (Antioch)
Sharon Smith, Software Engineer, (Nashville)
Scott Southworth, , HCA (Antioch)
Michael Bono, , HCA (Nashville)
Eileen Campbell-Reed, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Melanie Shinbaum, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Vic Trivedi, Business Owner, (Goodlettsville)
Frank Meeuwis, Business Owner,  (Madison)
JEFF SMITH, Business Owner, (Mt Juliet)
Adam Stainbrook, Business Owner, (Nashville)
April Wyatt, Business Owner, (Brentwood)
Susan Tinney, Owner, Tinney Contemporary (Nashville)
Daniel Greenberg, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Kristin Tubb, Business Owner, (Arrington)
Abigail York, Business Owner, (Madison)
Rebecca Petersen, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Donna Schwaber, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Tamara Baynham, Business Owner, (Antioch)
Teresa Fontaine, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Sheritha North, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Bert Bailey, Business Owner, (Nashville)
Cheryl Brady, Manager, (Antioch)
Tim Lawrence, Business Owner, (Nashville)

Peter Cummings, , Vanderbilt University (Nashville)
Leslie Zuckerwise, School Administrator, Retired (Nashville)
Elizabeth Latt, Retired Assistant Vice Chancellor, Vanderbilt University (Nashville)
Edward Fischer, Professor, Vanderbilt (Nashville)
James Atkinson, Professor Emeritus, Vanderbilt (Brentwood)
Tricia Drake, Head of School, Linden Waldorf School (Nashville)
Celina Callahan-Kapoor, Senior Lecturer, Vanderbilt University (Nashville)
Deborah Fenske, Teacher, ESS (Portland)

Jennifer Cox, Educator, (Nashville)
Nikki Roderman, Educator, (Highland Park)
Teena Cohen, Educator, (Nashville)
Ken King, Educator, (Nashville)
Damon Cathey Ed.D., Educator, (College Grove)
Lana Sims, Educator, (Nashville)
Elizabeth OShea, Educator, Retired, MNPS (Nashville)
Connie Gee, Educator, (Brentwood)
CINDY CHANEY, Educator, (Nashville)
Dr. Jean Roseman, Educator, Retired (Nashville)
Novella Page, Educator, (Antioch)
Elizabeth Interlandi, Educator, (Nashville)
Liz Berger, Educator, (Nashville)
Mary Stevens, Educator, (Nashville)
Libby Dorris, Educator, (Nashville)
Dena Davies, Educator, (Nashville)
Leila Eads, Educator, (Nashville)
Bonnie Mills, Educator, (Nashville)
Linda Bailey, Educator, (Antioch)
Phil Loubere, Educator, (Murfreesboro)
Rachel Hoffman, Educator, (Smyrna)
Brian Frank, Educator, (Murfreesboro)
Dr. E.B. Fleming, Educator, (Franklin)
Susan Johnston, Retired, Metro Nashville (Nashville)
Lynda Thompson, Retired teacher, Retired MNPS (Belvidere)
Ramsey Raybeck, , Percy Priest Elementary (Nashville)
Connie Jones, Student, (La Vergne)
Vicki Dooley, Teacher, MNPS (Nashville)
Kristina Gray Counts, Teacher, (Franklin)
Maureen Schlacter, Educator, (Brentwood)
Linda Gray, Educator, Retired (Whites Creek)
Dr. Jane Marcellus, Educator, (Murfreesboro)
Rebecca Allen, Educator, (Murfreesboro)
Lillian Urness, Teacher, (Nashville)
Mary Hinton, Educator, (Nashville)
William Bell, Educator, (Nashville)
Robert OGORMAN, Educator, (Nashville)
Amber Miller, Educator, (Nashville)
Rebecca Eaton, Educator, (Nashville)
Ben Graves, Educator, (Nashville)
Rhonda Thorson, Educator, (Nashville)
Megan Lawrence, Educator, (Nashville)
Mary Lawrence, Educator (Retired), (Nashville)
Mattie Sappenfield, Retired teacher, (Nashville)
Mary Bradshaw, Educator, (Nashville)
Lisa Zhito, Educator, (Nashville)
Abby Griffin, Educator, (Nashville)
TARA JOHNSON, Educator, (Nashville)
Christine Campbell, Educator, (Nashville)
Leigh Mantle, Educator, (Nashville)
Paulette Cathey, Paraprofessional, MNPS (College Grove)
Dr. Laura Adery, Student, (Venice)
Mark Lee, Student, (Franklin)
Tyler Drozdowski, Student, (Nashville)

William McAlilly, Bishop, United Methodist Church (Nashville)
Donna Whitney, M.D., M.Div., Metropolitan Interdenominational Church, Nashville (Nashville)
Eugene Se'Bree, Associate Pastor, Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church (Nashville)
Rev Dawn Bennett, Pastor, The Table (Nashville)
Rev. Erin Racine, , West End UMC (Nashville)
Ms. Sue Johnson, , Brentwood UMC (Nashville)
David Hollis, Campus Minister, Belmont Wesley Fellowship, United Methodist (Nashville)
Ann Walker-King, , Christ Cathedral
Timothy Shaw, , Nashville Friends Meeting (Quaker) (Smyrna)

Virginia Tacker, Retired (Nashville)
Caren Norvell, Grandmother, (Franklin)
Joanne Beckham, Grandmother, (Brentwood)
LYDIA NAYLOR, Lydia Naylor, (Nashville)
Jennifer Arick, , (Hermitage)
Donna Patton, , (Goodlettsville)
Melanie Carter, , (Nashville)
Allison Adams, , (Brentwood)
Amanda Outlaw, , (Nashville)
Susan Clanton, , (Nashville)
Maranda Tankersley, , (Columbia)
Betsy Morley, , (Ashland City)
Theresa Wildt, , (Old Hickory)
Rhonda Duncan, , (Greeneville)
Catherine Palazola, , (Memphis)
Stephanie Durman, , (Nashville)
Patrick Parker, , (Nashville)
Abby Eitneier, , (Madison)
Liz Koltis, , (Nashville)
Kimberly Spencer, , (Hermitage)
Kirsten Kerr, , (Hermitage)
Robert barnes, , (Nashville)
Sarah Heller, , (Antioch)
Katherine Hudencial, , (Nashville)
Stephanie Mumpower, , (Rockvale)
Kelly Harkins, , (Nashville)
Ashley I, , (Nashville)
Christine Foley, , (Ashland City)
Clare McCabe, , (Nashville)
Rhonda Hagar, , (Nashville)
Fanny Sung Whelan, , (Nashville)
Deborah Perkins, , (Nashville)
JOHN BULL, , (Nashville)
Sami Villwock, , (Nashville)
Lila Griffin, , (Nashville)
Dori Gorman, , (Nashville)
Christina Thweatt, , (Brentwood)
Patricia Dishman, , (Nashville)
Jessica Hillyer, , (Nashville)
Ben Vos, , (Goodlettsville)
Nicole Motzny, , (Nashville)
Deborah Reyland, , (Nashville)
Laurie Bruno, , (Franklin)
Elizabeth Randall Winkle, , (Nashville)
Stephanie Allen, , (Mount Juliet)
Michal Becker, , (Nashville)
Paige La Grone Babcock, , (Nashville)
Kelley Johnston, , (Nashville)
Miriam Brooks, , (Nashville)
Mary Bristow, , (Brentwood)
Dorcas Mansell, , (Franklin)
Vicki Metzgar, , (Nashville)
Carolyn Levine, , (Nashville)
Falin Gautz, , (Thompsons Station)
Beth Joslin Roth, , (Nashville)
Kris Gaffney, , (Nashville)
Kesha Parks, , (Murfreesboro)
Erin Mayberry, , (Nashville)
Barbara Wisniewski, , (Nashville)
Benita Kaimowitz, , (Nashville)
Jamie Moeller, , (Nashville)
Lindsey Martin, , (Brentwood)
Angie Baker, , (Brentwood)
Mervin Paulson, , (Nashville)
Allison Rosta, , (Spring Hill)
Jennifer Powell, , (Antioch)
Marsha Pieroni, , (Nashville)
Eric Lewis, , (Nashville)
Susan McDonald, , (Nashville)
Janzen Xayvong, , (Smyrna)
Amber Reese, , (Mount Juliet)
Heather Applegate, , (Nashville)
Russell Johnston, , (Nashville)
Pamela Lane, , (Franklin)
Kent Stanton, , (Hendersonville)
Carly MacMillan, , (Nashville)
NOAH WEBSTER, , (Nashville)
Karen Catignani, , (Nashville)
Chase Tramel, , (Mount Juliet)
Chris Butler, , (Nashville)
Valton Adams, , (Nashville)
Carolyn Ellis, , (Nashville)
Lynne Sanderson, , (Antioch)
Sue Miller, , (Martin)
Terry Rosenblum, , (Nashville)
Chris Rosen, , (Nashville)
Caitlin Craig, , (Madison)
Hannah Morris, , (Lebanon)
Teresa Todd, , (Nashville)
Mindy Thornton, , (Franklin)
Kait Grainger, , (Brentwood)
Kate Cotton, , (Franklin)
Jennifer Johnson, , (Nashville)
Leyna Holt, , (Nashville)
Ellen Blossom, , (Nashville)
Lucy Kells, , (Nashville)
Marie Winget, , (Nashville)
Kurt Schreiber, , (Nashville)
Elizabeth Atack, , (Nashville)
Briana Dixon, , (Franklin)
Amanda Burns, , (Knoxville)
Derek Carpenter, , (Nashville)
Brooke Ruskaup, , (Nashville)
Sharon Felton, , (Goodlettsville)
Jenn Dobbins, , (Nashville)
Rebecca Grant, , (Nashville)
Nathan Harris, , (Nashville)
Judy Robinson, , (Nashville)
Patsy Boyce, , (Nashville)
Holly Quick,  (Nashville)
Robbie Jones, , (Nashville)
Lisa Gordon, , (Murfreesboro)
Mary Bristow, , Not Employed (Brentwood)
Robin Bathke, , Not Employed (Nashville)
Liza Ramage, , Retired (Nashville)
Susan Johnston, Retired, Metro Nashville (Nashville)
Marsha Livingston, , Retired (Clinton)
Mirabelle Stoedter, , Retired (Nashville)
Catherine Sniderman, , Retired (Murfreesboro)
Susie Ries, , Retired (Nashville)
ROGER SCHECTER, , Retired (Nashville)
Mary Isenman, , Retired (Nashville)
Karen and Kent Cochran, , Retired (Nashville)
Wayne Underhill, Retired Healthcare Mgr., Retired (Nashville)
Gary Layda, Retired Photographer, (Nashville)
Omaràn D Lee, Rev, Self Employed (Nashville)
Robert Kennedy, , (Brentwood)
Jose Collado, , (Franklin)
Michelle Duncan, , (Nashville)
Janeta Georgieva, , (Nashville)
Hunter Gast, , (Nashville)
Joni Coakley, , (Hermitage)
Adam Wilkinson, , (Nashville)
Ashley Wood, , (Nashville)
Brittany Jordan, , (Nashville)
Amber DiTullio, , (Nashville)
Molly Smith, , (Nashville)
Mary Jones, , (Nashville)
Eileen Barrett, , (Albuquerque)
Kay Kratunis, , (Hurley)
Sam MacBride, , (Albuquerque)
Amy Newell, , (Franklin)
Ryan Peltier, , (Nashville)
Amanda Nance, , (Nashville)
Audrey Shores, , (Antioch)
Brenda King, , (Nashville)
Tali Kulbeda, , (Goodlettsville)
Christine Ackerson, , (Fairview)
Gay Greer, , (Nashville)
Sally Huston, , (Nashville)
Katie Terry, , (Madison)
kandy felker, , (Nashville)
Opal Wedgewood, , (Hermitage)
Julie Driver, , (Brentwood)
Amy E Eskew, , (Fairview)
Daniel Seymour, , (Nashville)
Malinda Stricker, , (Burns)
Debby Gould, , (Nashville)
Meghan FINN, , (Nashville)
Jen Bontusa, , (Nashville)
Judy Chandler, , (Mount Juliet)
Kate B. Roseglass, , (Madison)
Gretchen Wolf, , (Nashville)
Nancy Young, , (Nashville)
Emily Davidson Nemoy, , (Nashville)
Amarantha Martin, , (Nashville)
Roger Blankstein, , (Nashville)
Amy Kiehl, , (Nashville)
Josh Phipps, , (Goodlettsville)
stephen arwood, , (Nashville)
Brittany Johnson, , (Nashville)
Andrea Lucado, , (Nashville)
Marci Gerwe, , (Nashville)
Donna DeStefano, , (Nashville)
Erin Collar, , (Nashville)
Barbara Ramsey, , (Brentwood)
Susan Schanbaum, , (Nashville)
Anne Linnemann, , (Nashville)
Cindy Whitt, , Retired (Franklin)
Mary Ann Kennedy, , (Bon Aqua)
Velma Carter, , (Nolensville)
Marylou Martin-Roberts, , (Franklin)
Mervin Paulson, , (Nashville)
Vicki Ernst, , (Brentwood)
Laura Lyn Donahue, , (Franklin)
Sarah Baxter, , (Hermitage)
David Wilkerson, , (Nashville)
Rachel Langley, , (Cincinnati)
Dorcas Mansell, , (Franklin)
Judith Saks, , (Nashville)
Brianne Rushing, , (Nashville)
Kathleen Chandler, , (Nashville)
Zachary Hipkens, , (Nashville)
Latisha Jones, , (Hendersonville)
Margie Dale, , (Nashville)
Alan Hall, , (Nashville)
Judy Fields, , (Hendersonville)
Terry MINNEN, , (Nashville)
Mary Saal, , (Madison)
Barbara McCray, , (Nashville)
Marilee Chipoletti, , (Pegram)
Gerald Law, , (Lebanon)
Mark Brooks, , (Nashville)
Paul Hinski, , (Murfreesboro)
M Theroux, , (Nashville)
John Nemoy, , (Nashville)
Raina Fullerton, , (Clarksville)
Paul Hinski, , (Murfreesboro)
Kara Guindin, , (Hermitage)
Holly McCathren, , (Nashville)
Janelle Edwards, , (Hermitage)
Walter Woods, , (Nashville)
Meredith Gruner, , (Nashville)
Fay Delk, , (Calhoun)
Roslyn Pope, , (Nashville)
Jessica Mendelsohn, , (Nashville)
Sharon Charney, , (Nashville)
Ann Ercelawn, , (Nashville)
Carolyn James, , (Nashville)
Delilah Cohn, , (Nashville)
Patricia Dishman, , (Nashville)
Valerie Crawford, , (Nashville)
Barbara Arrowsmith, , (Brentwood)
Nancy Hall, , (Nashville)
Scott NAYLOR, , (Nashville)
Sheila Gaffney, , (Nashville)
Nieves Uhl, , (Nashville)
Regina Ranish, , (Nashville)
Ashley King, , (Nashville)
Brian Brostek, , (Nashville)
MaryBeth Stone, , (Nashville)
Marvin Caine, , (Spring Hill)
Martha Garman, , (Nashville)
David Ward, , (Nashville)
Patricia Post, , (Nashville)
John Petrucelli, , (Nashville)
Elizabeth Hatcher, , (Nashville)
Dana Neelley, , (Franklin)
Fatima Nawaz, , (Nashville)
Sara Binkley Tarpley, , (Nashville)
Randy Beazley, , (Nashville)
William Ku, , (Mount Juliet)
Whitney Riddell, , (Nashville)
Rosie Trickett, , (Nashville)
lindsley long, , (Nashville)
Arleen Yeager, , (Nashville)
Reed Trickett, , (Nashville)
Glenn Chandler, , (Nashville)
Nancy Jordan, , (Nashville)
Beth Anne Musiker, , (Nashville)
Amy Garrison, (Nashville)
Brenda Medlin, , (Nashville)
Charles Stroud, , (Nashville)
Bradley Moyer, , (Antioch)
Stefanie Stricker, , (Nashville)
Sheryl Mcilvain, , (Madison)
Joyce Denzer, , (Nashville)
Kat Farmer, , (Franklin)
Nancy Carroll, , (Cane Ridge)
Kitty Calhoon, , (Nashville)
Kay Kratunis, , (Hurley)
BJ Bruce, , (Nashville)
Penny Kemle, , Republican (Arrington)
mary buckles, , (Nashville)
Elizabeth Mayo, , (Pleasant View)
Nathan Pierson, , (Nashville)
Carmen Kavass, , (Brentwood)
Julie Jones, , (Nashville)
Russelle Bradbury, , (Nashville)
Ruth Butler, , (Nashville)
Allison Vaught, , (Nashville)
Scott McGilberry, , (Nashville)
Erin Younger, , (Nashville)
Tanya Margaritov, , (Nashville)
Rick Margaritov, , (Nashville)
Trisha Allen, , (Brentwood)
Steven Kemp, , (Brentwood)
Martha Green, , (Old Hickory)
Katie Thomas, , (Nashville)
Melissa Karlin, , (Nashville)
Joan Sands, , (Nashville)
Katherine Benchoff, , (Nashville)
Janet Chrones, , (Brentwood)
Allison Lott, , (Nashville)
Kathleen Garthwaite, , (Nashville)
Leigh Anne Pickup, , (Nashville)
Heather Donahoe, , (Nashville)
Lena Anthony, , (Nashville)
Katie Wooten, , (Nashville)
Ashley Woodcock, , (Nashville)
Liza Averbuch, , (Nashville)
Haley Ford, , (Nashville)
Jess Wiley, , (Nashville)
Jamie Joyner, , (Brentwood)
Marciana Poland, , (Nashville)
Cathy Karmiller, , (Franklin)
Suzanne Lanier, , (Nashville)
Barb Wiebbecke, , (Hendersonville)
Becky Dean, , (Nashville)
Rebecca ferguson Ferguson, , (Nashville)
Vicki Underwood, , (Knoxville)
Kathryn Hill, , Not Employed (Maryville)
Ann Soderquist, , (Nashville)
Patricia Cross, , (Nashville)
Kyle Mott-Kannenberg, , (Nashville)
YASMINE FAKHAR, , (Franklin)
Drew Berg, , (Brentwood)
Cara Suvall, , (Nashville)
Ines Negri, , (Nashville)
Kimberlee Lloyd, , (Hermitage)
Peter Kaminski, , (Nashville)
Stephanie Hargraves, , (Hermitage)
Charlene Nixon, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Sheridan Pecoraro, , (Nashville)
Krissy Bright, , (Hermitage)
Jena Jacobs, , (Aurora)
Kaylie Blaise, , (Brentwood)
Charline Harris, , (Nashville)
Phyllis Johnson, , (Nashville)
Nkem E. MD, , (Nashville)
Bhupesh Gandhi, , (Brentwood)
Chris Drumright, , (Murfreesboro)
Ruth and Gary Osburn, , Self Employed (Nolensville)
Alyce Wherry, , (Nashville)
Robert Francis, , (Mount Juliet)
Amber Reese, , (Mount Juliet)
Vesia Wilson Hawkins, , (Hermitage)
Sherry Hall, , (Mt Juliet)
Joy Ramirez, , (Nashville)
Molly Meinbresse, , (Nashville)
Sherri LaRue, , (Nashville)
Tina Liposky, , (Franklin)
Tom Leis, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Westerholm, , (Nashville)
Cathryne Hall, , (Nashville)
Billie Gaines Mann, , (Nashville)
Jamie Reiter, , (Nolensville)
Mary Dionne, Homemaker, (Nashville)
Carol Schmoock, , (Hermitage)
Pamela Claybaker, , (Nashville)
Jacob Heinz, , (Whites Creek)
Sally Levine, Retired, Retired (Nashville)
Anne Paine, , (Nashville)
Susan Sceniak, , (Murfreesboro)
John White, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Duffy, , (Portland)
Barbara Mathieson, Retired, (Nashville)
Jessica Young, , (Nashville)
Luke Gebhard, , (Nashville)
Felicia Castillo Powers, Stay at home mom, (Mount Juliet)
Cindy May, Retired, Retired (Arrington)
Logan Flanagan, , (Nashville)
Emily Hughes, , (Nashville)
Sarah Sutton, , (Franklin)
Susannah Fotopulos, , (Nashville)
Frank Einstein,  Retired (Nashville)
Anna Cramer, , (Nashville)
Mulugeta Mekete, , (La Vergne)
Pam Mendelsohn, , (Nashville)
Jane Gardner, , (Hermitage)
Mulugeta Mekete, , (La Vergne)
Christy Dawson, , (White Bluff)
Leigh Jones, , (Mount Juliet)
Thor Urness, , (Nashville)
Rosanne Awbrey, , (Nashville)
Mary Nunaley, , (Hendersonville)
Anne Hill, , (Nashville)
Claudia Levy, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Hobdy, , (Pegram)
Ingrid Burkett, , (Nashville)
Tim Kiernan, , (Nashville)
K Lim, , (Brentwood)
Nancy Colowick, , (Nashville)
Barbara Owens, Mrs, (Brentwood)
Merrilee Ahrndt, , (Mount Juliet)
Marianne Richmond, , (Franklin)
Mary Louise Linn, , (Nashville)
James Zralek, Retired, Retired (Nashville)
Lee Swain, , (Joelton)
Daria Sheina, , (Antioch)
Julia Pusey, , (Nashville)
Susan McMillan, , (Nashville)
Amber Townsend, , (Nashville)
Kevin Kowalik, , (Dover)
Janet Lee, Mrs, (Nashville)
Margaret Evans, , (Nashville)
Cathy Rosenblum, , (Nashville)
Charlotte Cooper, , (Nashville)
Jason Freeman, , (Nashville)
Barbara Goodman, , (Nashville)
Christopher Hooper, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Siekiersky,  (Brentwood)
Elizabeth Kamrowski, , (Brentwood)
Chad Smith, , (Nashville)
Booker Rice II, , (Nashville)
Amanda Bauman, , (Nashville)
Stacy Carpenter, , (Nashville)
Jason New, , (Antioch)
Elin Neal, , (Nashville)
William Griffin, , (Nashville)
Rose Mary Drake, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Doak, , (Brentwood)
Carey Young, , (Nashville)
Katie Spinks, , (Nashville)
Jennifer Coke, , (Nashville)
Dolores Bruno, , (Franklin)
Ashley Maimone, , (Spring Hill)
Evelyn Hoyt, Mom, Methodist (Nashville)
Emily Tarpley, , (Nashville)
Jack Elston, , (Gallatin)
Sermin Urlu, , (Nashville)
Dana Whitfield, , (La Vergne)
Paula Ladd, , (Nashville)
Russell Overby, , (Nashville)
Sara Smith, , (Nashville)
Winifred Forrester, , (Nashville)
Kelly Kingdon, , (Nashville)
Daniel Rincones, Self Employed, Self Employed (Hermitage)
Tandy Solomon, , (Nashville)
Anne Carey, , (Nashville)
Josh Miller, , (Nashville)
Janine Libbey, , (Nashville)
kenneth winter, , (Nashville)
Katherine Carella, , (Nashville)
Mary Jackson, , (Antioch)
Terry Katzman-Rosenblum, , (Nashville)
Laura Keck, , (Nashville)
Jacqueline Menish, , (Nashville)
Tyler Gilstrap, , (Nashville)
Crystal Sparks, , (Nashville)
LA Armour, , (Nashville)