Richard of Seymour, TN

Richard of Seymour, TN writes:

I’m a mostly retired Family Nurse Practitioner and I practiced for 40 years in East Tennessee seeing thousands of uninsured  patients . My wife & I continue to live in Sevier County, our children grew up here and went to public schools here.


Over the years I provided care to so many whose health suffered  because of their lack of insurance. This is a profound injustice.

Those with chronic illness especially suffer injury when they are unable to afford the regular visits, meds and treatments to prevent complications.

Others who benefit greatly from the ACA are those who have a treatable disabling condition but they can’t afford the treatment.  For them the ACA is affordable treatment and  return to gainful work.

I still volunteer one day a week at a “safety net” clinic in Sevier County . My hours there remind me how many uninsured Tennesseans  are unaware of the ACA, who have large misconceptions about it, or are excluded from its benefits because of Tennessee’s failure to expand their Medicaid program as the ACA provided,  Political and health officials in Tennessee simply have not accepted the ACA.


The thought that the ACA now is at risk of repeal without a replacement that builds on its successes and corrects its failings is deeply troubling, both morally and professionally. Please contact Sen. Alexander and Corker and your Representative in the House immediately


and tell them to Protect Our Care and make it better, not repeal it.

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