REPORT: 15 Million Americans will Lose Coverage if ACA Lawsuit Succeeds

REPORT: 15 Million Americans will Lose Coverage if Slatery-Trump Lawsuit Succeeds

Rep. Blackburn Refuses to Stand Up for Tennesseans with Pre-Existing Conditions Facing Spiked Premiums or Loss of Coverage

Nashville, Tenn. – A new report released by Congressional Democrats details just how disastrous the Texas v. Azar lawsuit led by Attorney General Slatery and 19 other Republican Attorneys General could be for Tennesseans.

The report estimates that more than 15 million Americans would face steep premium spikes or lose coverage altogether if a Texas judge sides with AG Slatery.

Tennesseans with pre-existing conditions – which includes things like diabetes, cancer, and asthma – would be especially at risk for higher premiums or having their health care coverage ripped away.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn has refused to sign onto a resolution introduced by Rep. Jacky Rosen that would send the House counsel to court to defend the ACA and protections for pre-existing conditions in this lawsuit.

You can read more about the lawsuit here.