Renee of Memphis, TN

Renee of Memphis, TN writes:

I am a long time community member in Memphis, am married and have raised a family here.

On May 28, 2003, I was terminated from my job of 9 years. I was the person who carried the insurance for my family and therefore, my family lost their insurance that day too!

My daughter was scheduled foot surgery ($10,000) in June and after speaking with our doctor and explaining we no longer had insurance he discussed the importance and necessity of her surgery and to please try to get Cobra for at least one month. 

I sacrificed and got the Cobra for one month, it was very difficult because no one in the family had a job – we lost our insurance when we needed it most.  


During this period when we had the COBRA coverage, I insisted that everyone go to the doctor for routine checkups. I was being examined for a lump in my breast and thyroid growth. It was very scary knowing that we at the end of the month, we would not be able to afford COBRA any longer and we would again have no health care coverage.  How would I battle cancer, provide for my family, or even survive with no income and no health care.  To say the least, I was terrified.

We were scheduled to return for a follow up visit three weeks later, while Cobra was still in effect. 

My husband was in excellent shape and played soccer with twice a week with 18 year olds. Upon his return doctor visit the doctor thought his blood work was abnormally high, and thought it was a mistake by the lab. He had tests re-run. He also was facing a potential health care problem with no insurance. 

Today I have coverage through the ACA.  My children have grown and have successful careers with health coverage.

I still go to Planned Parenthood every six months for my mammogram to monitor the lump in breasts (both breasts now).

My husband has kidney failure, but thankfully has health insurance because of Medicaire.

I do not want to see healthcare as we now know it dismantled or taken away without a REAL replacement with no lapse in coverage or benefits.



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