Questions to Ask Your Rep about the Republican Rush to Repeal Obamacare without a Replacement First

Republicans have refused to explain how they would protect provisions of the Affordable Care Act people count on if they continue their reckless rush to repeal the ACA without first replacing it. Here are questions they should be answering:

Polls show overwhelming majority of TN opposes #ObamaCare repeal w/o replacement. #StopIgnoringUs @SenAlexander!

.@SenAlexander Stop rushing #ObamaCare repeal w/o replacing 1st w/ same/better protection!

.@SenAlexander #StopIgnoringUs! Will everyone who has coverage today still have coverage under the replacement plan? #ProtectOurCare

.@SenAlexander does GOP "plan" lower premiums, deductibles & out-of-pocket costs WITHOUT taking away ANY current benefits? #ProtectOurCare

Will folks currently getting ACA tax credits keep getting same amount or more so they can AFFORD coverage? #StopIgnoringUs @SenAlexander!

Does your “plan” keep #ObamaCare ban on charging women more than men for health insurance? Where's the plan @SenAlexander? #StopIgnoringUs!

Will your 'plan' keep #ObamaCare protections banning denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions? @SenAlexander #StopIgnoringUs!

Does your 'plan' keep parts of ACA covering check-ups for kids, mammograms & preventative care w/o co-pays? #StopIgnoringUs @SenAlexander!

So @SenAlexander does the Republican 'plan' cover mental health & prescription drugs at the same level as #ObamaCare? #StopIgnoringUs!

Do Republican 'plans' keep #ObamaCare prescription drug discounts for seniors, helping close the donut hole? #StopIgnoringUs @SenAlexander!

.@SenAlexander will Republican “plans” prevent insurance companies from charging people over 55 more than they are today? #StopIgnoringUs

.@SenAlexander will your "plan” #ProtectOurCare by requiring big employers to keep providing coverage for their employees? #StopIgnoringUs

.@SenAlexander #StopIgnoringUs! Do Republican 'plans' cut taxes for pharmaceutical companies and the wealthiest? #ProtectOurCare!