President Trump, The American People Have Spoken

Protect Our Care Statement on Stopping Repeal through Sabotage

(Nashville, Tennessee) After the Senate failed to pass any version of health care repeal last night and President Trump issued another twitter threat to continue his campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act through sabotage, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Leslie Dach today called on Republicans to formally abandon the repeal agenda and work together with Democrats to fix and improve our health care system.

“After seven years and seven solid months of trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it is abundantly clear that Republicans have no replacement plan for our health care. The Republican insistence on repeal, on giving massive tax break to the rich while taking affordable health care away from tens of millions, was cruel, wrong and was firmly rejected as terrible policy and toxic politically. The more Americans knew about it, the more it was rejected.  Americans want their leaders to work together and improve our health care instead of tearing it apart


But the Trump Administration refuses to listen.  Instead the President doubled down on its agenda to sabotage the ACA from within — gloating about taking health care away from millions of Americans.

Republicans responsibility to stand up to protect our health care and stand up against President Trump’s repeal doesn’t end last night. If they’re serious about putting our health care ahead of their political party, they have to stand up to his sabotage as well. For those Senators and members of Congress who promised their constituents to protect their care and broke that promise by voting to repeal it, standing against the President’s sabotage is now their test and obligation.”