Where is our personal protective equipment?

Ask Your Federal and State Represenatives


Health experts were right about the Stay at Home orders: they worked. They slowed the spread of COVID-19 and bought valuable time to address this health crisis.  But instead of using that time to get adequate PPE for healthcare workers and build collective plans to fight this virus with stronger contact tracing and testing, you squandered it in the rush to reopen the state without a more cautious approach to protect the public.

The time we bought with the stay-at-home order was meant to manufacture and distribute PPE and to strengthen our abilities as a state and nation to fight this virus. Instead, you have left healthcare workers at risk, allowed more to get sick, and endangered the public with diminishing health care capacity. 

It has been 5 months! Where is the PPE?

We needed our federal and state governments working with, not against, healthcare workers to beat this virus. We need help and leadership in making sure contact tracing and testing are happening to break the chains of transmission. We need help in making sure the public is wearing masks, staying apart, and washing their hands. Without this help, the consequence will continue to be more avoidable deaths, more avoidable suffering. 

Where is the PPE? Where is the plan to help us defeat COVID and save lives?

Where is the plan to keep us safe in re-opening the economy and getting our teacher and children safely back to school? 

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