Organize an Event to Help Others Take Action With You

Use this form to setup create your own event and invite your friends to join you in taking collective action on behalf of keeping children safe in our schools.

No experience is needed!

You pick the date, time and location (in-person or virtual) that you want to convene your own friends and network, and we'll provide you with materials and support to help make it a success.

At your event you can guide others in taking all kinds of action that grows the number of frequency of constituents elected officials are hearing from:

  • planning and promoting on social media together
  • contact local, likely supportive voters and invite them to join you
  • write letters to the editor or op-eds
  • make plans for an in-person visit with an elected official
  • plan out calls you and others can make through the week to their offices.
  • make plans to call into local talk radio sharing why following the CDC guidance to keep schools safely open is important to you

These are just a few ideas - but what's most important is you willing to organize.

By taking responsibility for enabling others to participate you are helping grow demand to get politics out of public health so our children are safe, schools are open and our state can recover.