NEW STUDY: Health Security of Millions Would Be In Jeopardy if the ACA is Repealed, Gutting Pre-Existing Condition Protections

102 Million Americans Could Face Higher Costs

A new study from Avalere Health warns that the 102 million Americans with pre-existing conditions who are not enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare would be put at serious risk if ACA provisions protecting them are repealed.

This is the latest analysis confirming that health care repeal would have devastating repercussions for millions of Americans.

The report comes amid increased efforts to undermine protections for pre-existing conditions using all three branches of government. Just this week, the Trump Administration issued a new policy making it easier for states to let insurance companies offer plans without key protections. Meanwhile, twenty Republican state officials have brought a lawsuit to render the ACA’s pre-existing conditions protections unconstitutional.

Avalere’s analysis shows that a substantial portion of the population has some form of a pre-existing condition, like obesity or diabetes, and could face higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs if opponents of the ACA continue watering down these protections.

Chris Sloan, Director at Avalere, said, “Protections for pre-existing conditions are the only reason some Americans are able to afford health insurance. Many of the most common health conditions in the country could lead to individuals being denied access to health insurance if pre-existing condition protections are eliminated.”