Natalie of San Francisco, CA

Natalie of San Francisco, CA writes:

I am a San Francisco resident, and Bay Area native.  I have phone banked for Protect My Care in San Francisco near to my place of work in downtown San Francisco.  I am a life-long SF Giants baseball fan.
I am a three-time female cancer survivor of childbearing age who paid nearly $1000/mo in premiums to keep a grand-fathered insurance coverage before The Affordable Care Act went into effect.

The ACA brought my premiums down to less than one-third the price I was paying: $1000/mo vs. $313/mo. and created coverage that was more inclusive.  The fact that pre-existing conditions could no longer be denied coverage kept me in a low-end job that offered a healthcare reimbursement account to help with the difficult to cover premiums.  I could not accept health care coverage from work due to the fact that I could never gain the coverage I had again once I dropped my plan.
The mental relief offered by the ACA was incredibly substantial.  I was able to sleep peacefully in 2014 in a way I hadn’t been able to do previous to then.

Obamacare works to the benefit of everyone.  Heathcare for all is a reality that has benefited this county in so  many ways: economics, peace of mind, and freedom have been greatly improved by The Affordable Care Act.  I do not want to return to the days when I had to be cautious about to whom I gave my medical history information.

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