MEDIA AWARENESS ALERT: Trump to Lie About Health Care Again Today

~5 Facts Tell the True Story~

President Trump is scheduled to have another taxpayer-funded session of lies, distractions and distortions about health care today in order to push his devastating health care repeal.


Here are 5 facts about the Affordable Care Act that President Trump is unlikely to admit at his events today:


  1. Obamacare Is Twice As Popular As Trumpcare. The new Washington Post/ABC poll  shows that people prefer the Affordable Care Act over the GOP’s repeal by a 2-to-1 margin (50% – 24%).
  2. Lowest Uninsured Rate In History. The number of uninsured Americans is at it’s lowest point in history thanks to the Affordable Care Act which has insured 20 million people.
  3. $1. That’s exactly how much the average premium increased after tax credits this year for Marketplace consumers, from $100 in 2016 to $101 in 2017.
  4. The Individual Market Is Not In A Death Spiral. The Kaiser Family Foundation concluded that “These new data offer more evidence that the individual market has been stabilizing and insurers are regaining profitability.” This backs up statements by the Congressional Budget Office and S&P.
  5. Republicans Are To Blame For High Rate Increases. The ongoing Republican effort to repeal health care and the Trump Administration’s efforts to sabotage current law has contributed significant uncertainty in the insurance market, resulting in up to 19 percent higher premium increases.  

Just because the President says it doesn’t mean it’s true. The Affordable Care Act isn’t dead, but real people will be if Trumpcare becomes law.


The New York Times recently detailed a number of President Trump’s falsehoods on health care and HHS Secretary Tom Price has been repeatedly caught lying about health care.