Letter to Editor: Raven of Nashville, TN

Raven of Nashville, TN writes:

The Affordable Care Act has helped change my life in several ways. One I will focus on (due to the word limit) is my intra-uterine device (iud). These are primarily known as a form of birth control but what many fail to realize is that for me and many other women, the iud helps tremendously in managing monthly periods. Before my implant, the side effects I experienced were enough to incapacitate me for 1-2 days per month, even with painkillers. The cramps were horrendous enough that I would start to feel too dizzy and nauseous to move too far from a chair. Since getting an iud in 2015, the cramps I experience now have become nothing more than a mild inconvenience. I no longer have to dread the monthly debilitating pain that used to come with my periods.

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