Letter to Editor: Nina of Knoxville, TN

Nina of Knoxville, TN writes:

My name is Nina Howell and I am a breast cancer survivor. I started a nonprofit for other breast cancer survivors. I am afraid of what the repeal of the ACA will mean for myself and the women I work with. Many of these women are single mothers with young children who are fighting cancer and struggling financially. If they lose their coverage, several of them will need welfare. They are afraid that lifetime caps will come back. Cancer treatment is expensive. Chemo treatments can be more than $11,000 per visit. When someone has breast cancer, their care can last for years after surgery and chemo are done. It can be easy to quickly meet one’s lifetime ban. The relief of knowing that everyone has access to insurance is important. There are too many people out there suffering who would pay for insurance might be denied access. All people who are working and want insurance should be able to pay for it. Having cancer is bad enough, people should not live with the fear that their insurance will be taken away



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