Letter to Editor: Molly of Morrison, TN

Molly of Morrison, TN writes:

I am retired and my husband is semi-retired. We used to live in Davidson county but in 2002, we decided to open our own business—a nursery—and moved to Warren County. My husband loves growing plants, and he still works at our nursery. My husband is also a Type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed when he was 12 and has lived with it for 50 years.

We used to get health care insurance through our employers in Davidson county, but when we tried to get new insurance, we discovered that companies were not going to do business with me or my husband.

Finally, we managed to purchase two separate healthcare insurance policies. However, eventually our combined policies cost us $2500 a month. We had to switch to a policy that only covered major medical expenses but none of the necessary drugs my husband needs to live. Without the ACA’s pre-existing condition provision, we wouldn’t have any insurance.

Senator Alexander, what would you do if you called an insurance company and they just told you “no?” Don’t rush to appeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement that protects my husband from being denied coverage because of his pre-existing condition.

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