Letter to Editor: Martha of Chattanooga, TN

Martha of Chattanooga, TN writes:

My name is Martha McGowan and I’ve been in Chattanooga all my life. I did restaurant work for about 35 years. The place closed down and I had to get on unemployment. It was a hard time for me. I got sick and had to go to the hospital, but I had no insurance. They helped me sign up for disability benefits and TennCare. They helped me out every which way they could.

The Affordable Care Act is important to me because I have health coverage and that helps me out a lot. I’m diabetic, and it helps me afford the things I need. The Republicans want to throw it out, and that’s not right. The ACA is for all kinds of people–young, old, poor, but Trump doesn’t care.

A repeal would affect me a lot. With me being older, I just can’t let them do that. Don’t take away what we’ve got. Leave it as it is! I pray about it, and maybe Trump will see differently—maybe he’ll see what we see.

Senator Alexander, keep the ACA like it is. Don’t take it away. Keep the care that we need. Please vote NO on repealing the ACA.


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