Letter to Editor: Laurel of Nashville, NJ

Laurel of Nashville, NJ writes:

My name is Laurel Orely and I’m extremely disappointed by senator Alexander’s actions this week.  Everybody deserves health care and we all know that without an individual’s health, they cannot function as a human being.   Everything is effected without your health – your job as a care taker, parent, employer – your entire livihood is at stake without your health.  Parents with children who cannot survive without healthcare.  Listen to their stories and then I dare you to tell me they don’t count.

Tennesseans and all Americans deserve to see a real plan that protects high quality, affordable health care.  What Senator Alexander has put forward raises more questions for Tennessee family is who depend on the coverage they have today, especially the 526K Tennesseans who stand to lose their health care coverages because of repeal and delay.

I am a Tennessean who has been quiet up until his point and I’m now I’m making a stand and WILL NOT back down until senator Alexander shows us a comprehensive plan to protect the health and financial securities for all families.   today and everyday forward

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