Letter to Editor: Kerry of Knoxville, TN

Kerry of Knoxville, TN writes:

After studying social work at a University in Texas, I moved to California where I worked for three years in the social work field. I moved to Tennessee in 1995 to be a social worker for the State.
I had excellent benefits through my employer and adopted three children as a single parent.  I quit my job outside the home in 2004 and after that, I got private insurance that was expensive and covered very little. Later, our home was invaded by beetles and it turns out I am extremely allergic. I got sick and eventually, my insurance dropped me because I had not told them about this allergy, even though I did not know I had it.

I tried several agents to get accepted to insurance but I was repeatedly denied. Then I caught pneumonia which wiped out all my savings. I was finally able to get insurance in 2015 because of the Affordable Care Act.

I truly hope my representatives can see that health coverage needs to be for everyone, that people and families come from all sorts of backgrounds and unexpected events can quickly change lives. Health care needs to be for more than just the privileged.





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