Letter to Editor: Kathy of Memphis, TN

Kathy of Memphis, TN writes:

I am from Nashville, but I have lived in Memphis since September 1987. I attended Vanderbilt and now am self-employed as a mental health therapist. In January 2013, I lost my health insurance because I did not have the money to pay my premium. I went without health insurance for almost a year. In November 2013, I started to have abnormal bleeding. I could not go to the doctor because I was uninsured. As soon as the federal marketplace launched, I signed up.

I finally visited the doctor on February 2, 2014. I had a biopsy and learned I had a cancerous tumor along two-thirds of my uterine lining. In March of 2014, I had a radical abdominal hysterectomy.  I would not be alive without the Affordable Care Act. Before the ACA, I was paying a monthly premium of $477. This year, my premium is $137 per month. With my plan, I can get my medicine and visit my doctor. If the ACA is repealed and not adequately replaced, I will lose my insurance or be forced to pay more than $800 per month, which I cannot afford.

I hope my representatives do their job to keep me safe.


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