Letter to Editor: Kasey of Nashville, TN

Kasey of Nashville, TN writes:

I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a full time job that affords me healthcare.  I’ve taken it for granite, just like all the other comfortable feelings and luxuries I have taken advantage of. I’m not comfortable any more, I’m anxious. I’m anxious for my friends, relatives, my sweet 27 year old nanny who is on Obamacare. She helped me raise my children while I worked (worked for my heath insurance). Why are we defunding ACA?  Torturing ACA to death will torture the millions of people it supports.  Affordable healthcare isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. We live in an insulated country with insulated neighborhoods.  How would the lack of good healthcare effect your neighbor, your friend, your family?  Think outside your box.  If you’re not a benefactor of ACA, talk to someone who is. If you don’t trust what you hear on TV, do your own research.  I don’t care how this is replaced as long as it’s replaced.  If we come out on the other side unaffected and better, we all win. ACA was methodically crafted.  All I ask is we are as thoughtful in its revision as we were in its creation.

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