Letter to Editor: Julie of Ooltewah, TN

Julie of Ooltewah, TN writes:

My name is Julie Edmondson. I live in Ooltewah. I am married and have 3 stepchildren. In my early 20s, I had a massive stroke and was hospitalized for several days. Five years later, I had another injury. My doctors did an MRI and found that I had an unruptured brain aneurism. Later, I learned my health history might make me uninsurable by some employers’ insurance plans. I also learned I could face lifetime insurance caps. Now, I am again concerned about the future. Depending on the changes that occur with the ACA, I may have to make career choices based on whether an employer has a policy that will cover me. In July, I left my job to start a business. I felt secure knowing the ACA would be there to help me to get the healthcare I need. After the election, I decided to not open a business. I think the repeal of the ACA will stop people, especially women and people with disabilities, from opening businesses. They might not have a safety net that gives them access to affordable health insurance. Without this safety net, they will not have the stability to take risks and open businesses.



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