Letter to Editor: James of Union City, TN

James of Union City, TN writes:

My name is James Mosley and I live in Union City, TN. I’m retired from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. When I was working, my daughter was on my insurance while she was in college, until she reached a certain age. She went almost a year without insurance because of the cost. It was a blessing that nothing major happened, but I had to pay out-of-pocket for doctors’ visits. Then someone helped us get insurance for my daughter through the Affordable Care Act. She got very affordable premiums and a reasonable deductible. It made me feel great to know that with everything going on in the world, I didn’t have to worry about my daughter having health insurance.

I think it would be a good thing to keep the ACA. Everyone should have a choice of which insurance company. It shouldn’t be forced on anyone, but people need healthcare. A lot of people don’t go to the doctor because they don’t have the means, living paycheck by paycheck. If they can’t go for checkups, later health issues can come up.

Senator Alexander, represent the people. Listen to what people have to say about health insurance, and act on it.


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