Letter to Editor: Elizabeth of Nashville, TN

Elizabeth of Nashville, TN writes:

I am writing in an effort to gain the attention of Senators Corker and Alexander. I have had several meetings with their staffers and have been able to share my questions and concerns. However, as they are unwilling to meet with their constituents, I want the Senators to hear my plea.

At the very beginning of this process to repeal and replace the ACA, both Senators said they are both opposed to repealing without a replacement. Both have a history of working on, and passing, bipartisan legislation. I encourage Senators Alexander and Corker to continue on their history of bipartisan work. Both Senators have the opportunity to be heroes, not just for Tennesseans, but for all Americans. 32 million people stand to lose health insurance if the ACA is repealed. Our Senators know what this would mean for our state and both will forever be tied to Trumpcare.

As someone who has relied on BCBS through the ACA exchange (and no longer has that coverage) and has preexisting conditions, I encourage the Senators to work on making the ACA better, not destroying it and leaving so many of us without healthcare. These men are part of the "pro-life" party; telling people that it's okay for them to die does not sound very pro-life to me and doesn't line up with their values.

Elizabeth S. Barese

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