Letter to Editor: Eileen of Nashville, TN

Eileen of Nashville, TN writes:

As an elementary school counselor in Nashville, TN the repeal of the ACA without a replacement will be incredibly detrimental to my students. Parents who are already struggling financially with pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered causing stress and financial ruin. They will have to choose between their medical needs being met and their children's basic needs. This is unacceptable anywhere, but especially in the America. Let's "Make America Great Again" by taking care of our families. By making sure that all people regardless of age, gender, or mental capability are treated equally as valued citizens.
Improvement of the current plan is ideal. As an educator many of my students can be challenging at times, I can not and will not throw my hands up and say, "Oh well, I am just going to watch him/her fail." I figure out what is working for them and build on that. Our senators should be expected to do the same.

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