Letter to Editor: Dede of Maryville, TN

Dede of Maryville, TN writes:

I’ve lived in Maryville for over 20 years. I am an architectural illustrator, I own my own business and work on contract. I am married and have 2 kids. Prior to a few years ago, as a sole proprietorship, it was almost impossible to get group insurance. The Affordable Care Act leveled the playing field for people with small business to join insurance markets.

I’m involved in various community organizations including Downtown Maryville Association, Main Street USA Program, and I spearhead a group of strong women activists.

I have benefited from the pre-existing conditions protection in the ACA as well as the subsidy structure and free preventative care, and my sons benefited from the age 26 provision. The ACA rewards people who take care of themselves. I have gotten more mammograms since the ACA.

We should have health coverage for everyone in this country. It is so important that people have access to care before situation gets worse. We end up paying for it no matter how we pay for it — premiums, or hospitals are charging more because people coming into ER.

Repealing the ACA means going back to high deductibles and bad coverage. I can’t stand for that.


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