Letter to Editor: Deborah of Lenoir City, TN

Deborah of Lenoir City, TN writes:

My name is Deborah Scaperoth and I live in Lenoir City, TN. In 2003 my brother Gary was killed. He was a Navy Chaplain, Lieutenant Commander, a scholar, and an American Baptist minister. One day someone in his church asked Gary to drive with her to an AA meeting. She drove off the road, hit a tree, and he was killed, leaving behind his wife and three children.

What happened was devastation for his wife. She had health problems, like many 50-year old women. The doctors wouldn’t take her because of pre-existing conditions. She spent nearly 10 years in chronic pain. No one should have to live that way. Gary spent his whole life taking care of people, and for her to be denied healthcare coverage after spending years helping others is just a tragedy.

When the ACA came into existence, she was able to have both hips replaced and other medical work done. Until you experience things like that, you’re in a bubble in some ways. My driving motivation is that people with any kind of compassion need to take care of other people as well as their own families. It’s part of being a civilized nation.


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