Letter to Editor: Courtney of Nashville, TN

Courtney of Nashville, TN writes:

My husband recently lost his job as a part of a large layoff from a healthcare company in Nashville. Our 8-year-old son has a life-threatening genetic metabolic condition. At first glance these two topics seem unrelated. However, my family relies on my husband's job for our family's insurance. My son's medical costs are over $2000 a month. We've extensively researched all possible options for healthcare, but with the ACA in such shambles, our best, most affordable option is to continue to pay COBRA until he finds another job. The COBRA costs are higher than our mortgage. We have savings to get us by until my husband finds another job, but this is an untenable solution.

Additionally, I'm extremely concerned that if our politicians don't protect citizens who have pre-existing conditions, my son will be unable to afford his life-sustaining medications. He is a math whiz, an excellent drummer, and has impeccable comedic timing. It's devastating to consider how his disease may limit his life, simply because Senators Alexander and Corker and the other members of the GOP insist on tearing apart the ACA without any plan to protect my son and millions of other Americans.
Senators, please put the needs of your constituents first and work for a healthcare solution that protects my family and all Americans.

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