Letter to Editor: Caroline of Nashville, TN

Caroline of Nashville, TN writes:

I am writing because we must preserve the ACA so that ALL Americans can have access to health care. I believe our country is far too rich not to offer this as a right to its citizens. I have two children: one on the Autism spectrum and one who is transgender. They are both in college now and are on their father’s insurance but what happens when they age out of that if they are not employed in FT jobs where health insurance is offered? What happens to me as a single mother if I were to lose my job and not find another so quickly with health insurance? I have had back surgery and if we go back to the way it used to be, I could get a major medical policy but nothing related on my back would ever be covered…it would be too high a risk for the insurance company…profit over people.  That is why they won’t insure everyone…because they didn’t have to and could pick and choose. That is just not fair to any of us…we ALL deserve good health insurance regardless of job or health condition. Don’t repeal without a proper replacement for ALL! TY

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