Letter to Editor: Brynda of Smyrna, TN

Brynda of Smyrna, TN writes:

I am a longtime resident of Tennessee and have run my own psychology practice for more than 10 years.  It has been a long-time dream of mine to start my own practice. Unfortunately, I put my dream on hold for years because I knew that neither my husband nor I would be able to get health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. However the passage of the ACA allowed me to fulfill my lifelong goal and strike out on my own.  With the ACA in peril I face the reality of being forced to shut down my practice because my husband and I will no longer have reliable access to health insurance. I fear not only for myself, but for my patients, many of whom are also covered by the ACA and 10% of which I see pro bono. These patients would no longer be able to afford the care that they need.  The Affordable Care Act afforded me the opportunity to realize a lifelong goal.  Please do not force me to shut down my practice and please do not force my patients to go without essential care.  Contact your representatives and stand up for the ACA.

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