Letter to Editor: Becky of Nashville, TN

Becky of Nashville, TN writes:

Dear Editor,

I have been grateful for the Affordable Care Act and how it has allowed my family to get the healthcare coverage they need. My son-in-law, a hard working young man, has been able to get insurance via the ACA, when his several part time jobs were not offering coverage as a benefit. If he had not had the coverage, he would have been bankrupted by the medical bills associated with a serious accident that he had a couple of years ago.

I know that the ACA is not perfect, but I implore our senators and representatives to work towards improving the ACA, not repealing it. Taking away the health coverage that has helped so many Americans, would be devastating to so many. Please work together to develop improvements to the ACA, not to destroy it.

Thank you,

Becky Hornsby

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