Letter to Editor: April of Lookout Mountain, TN

April of Lookout Mountain, TN writes:

My name is April Cook and I am a retired nurse. I live in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. I volunteer as a nurse with the Red Cross. About 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Now, I need routine follow-ups and take several medications to stay alive. I have private insurance as a retiree of the State of Alaska. Without the ACA, I would have been subject to lifetime caps. The ACA has given me some peace of mind because I do not have to worry about lifetime caps when I get the care I need to live. I have seen how the ACA has benefitted my family and friends. When I retired, my daughter could not stay on my or her father’s insurance. Luckily, she could buy insurance on healthcare.gov. My neighbor had a heart surgery that cost over $1.2 million. If he had a lifetime cap, he is not sure what might happen. If the ACA is repealed, I am nervous about how lifetime caps will impact me and the people I care about. If it is repealed, we need to replace it with a viable plan. Our lawmakers need to show regard for human life.


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