Letter to Editor: Amy of Nashville, TN

Amy of Nashville, TN writes:

As a nurse I am able to interact with many people who fall under the ACA. Let me assure you that we are all just one situation away from needing assistance with healthcare. Before ACA,  I saw situations where patients chose to forgo tests, scans or treatment because if a lack of coverage. Medically necessary options were not an option when it was a choice between funds for childcare or medical bills. I’ve seen sacrifices of all sorts so that others can live.  This is unjust and unnecessary. Senator Alexander, sir, I ask for those that cannot speak. Our 500,000+ Tennesseans need a replacement plan for ACA before they are left for dead. No repeal without replacement of ACA. Our babies, our children, and our families, your constituents, deserve to see a real plan that protects high-quality, affordable health care. We call upon you to leave this as your legacy, that you showed mercy in our time of need.  We serve every day,  will you meet us here in service to neighbor?

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