‘Weak Leadership’ — Gov. Bill Lee’s Failure to Act Allowing Uncontrolled Spread of Coronavirus in Tennessee

Doctors: Stay-at-Home Order Main Tool Left Remaining To Make the Difference Between 4,000 or 40,000 Tennessean deaths.

Dr. Aaron Milstone, a Franklin, Tenn.-based pulmonologist who along with 2,000 doctors and nurses is calling on Gov. Bill Lee to issue a two-week, statewide stay-at-home order to curb the spread of coronavirus,  appeared Wednesday on MSNBC’s Live with Katy Tur.

Here’s a link to his interview and a partial transcript of his comments is included below:

"Governor Lee’s continued refusal to issue the Stay at Home order has allowed things to get worse when we could have been heeding the warning of medical experts. Tennessee has now an exponentially growing number of infections. I think that's a clear illustration of Governor Lee’s weak leadership.

If you follow what Gov. Lee is doing currently, 40,000 Tennesseans may die. Governor Lee could be doing more to save lives in Tennessee."

This heat map, prepared by J. Matthew Luther, MD at Vanderbilt shows the growing problem in Tennessee: