Katy of Oak Ridge, TN

Katy of Oak Ridge, TN writes:

In 2000 I quit my job in Virginia to move back to Oak Ridge to take care of my mother.  I had COBRA for as long as I could.  Then I tried to continue the same coverage as an individual.  I was SHOCKED at how much it would cost.  I was healthy with no conditions other than being in my 50s.  I went without insurance for several years.  I found a plan that cost $400 a month and only covered a catastrophe.  I was so excited when ACA came out.  Finally I could afford insurance and didn’t feel the constant worry that I was living one accident away from bankruptcy.  I realized that my friends who had insurance from work had no idea how scary it could be.

I now have insurance from work, but they do not cover my husband.  He has always wanted to write so he is able to do that without the fear of going without insurance.  He hasn’t needed to use it but I never want to be in the position again of not having it.  I don’t feel like the people in congress can even understand what it is like to not have insurance.  How can they just repeal ACA without some sort of replacement???!!  Imagine being diagnosed with cancer and no one will treat you.  That is the reality these days.  It truly is a matter of life or death.

I was able to give my mother quality of life in her last years.  I won’t have as much for retirement and I can’t got on trips like many of the people I know at my age, but it was worth it to me to take care of my Mom.  At least we can live secure knowing that the insurance companies can’t turn use down if we need healthcare.   Senators Corker and Alexander, please don’t take away our healthcare.

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