Julie of Ooltewah, TN

Julie of Ooltewah, TN writes:

My name is Julie Edmondson. I am from Ooltewah, TN and consider myself to be a political activist. I am a news junkie and very active on social media. I am very concerned with the direction our country is now heading in.

I have a pre-existing medical condition. I have step-kids that benefit from the adult child provision. I left my job thinking one day I might open my own small business, feeling confident I would be able to obtain affordable health insurance.

It is apparent loss of life is not a motivating factor for the Republican agenda. For a group that claims to be pro-life, repealing the ACA is hypocritical. Especially since it is clear there is no and has not been an actual feasible replacement plan. If you repeal, you are ruining your own political career. Your constituents will suffer and will no longer support you. The folks that voted for you did not understand the implications. Once they do, your political career is over.

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