Jerry of Hendersonville, Tennessee

Jerry of Hendersonville, Tennessee writes:

I’ve lived in Nashville since 1979 after growing up in PA and living in NYC and working as a musician.  I moved to Hendersonville from NYC because as an independent musician with no steady paycheck, it was too expensive to live there.  Nashville was a logical choice because of the deep ties to the music industry.

I am part of the Jerry Tachoir Group.  All of the folks in my group live here in area. My wife and I raised our daughter here in Hendersonville where we live. Nashville is our home.



We previously had coverage through Farm Bureau through Sumner County.  And while it was good coverage, as a family with no steady income, it wasn’t always affordable.

When the ACA came along, I was able to get a great full coverage policy at a great price using the tax credits, a subsidized plan. Fortunately, I am very healthy with no pre-existing conditions.  Sadly, not everyone is as fortunate.


While quality health insurance is important and something  everyone should have, I am afraid that might not remain the reality. I am concerned that while this system isn’t perfect, it’s far better than a poor plan that costs more, or  worse, no plan at all,  because the powers that be want to take away health care.  I would rather elected officials  roll up their sleeves and work  to improve the system we do have.  Rather than dismantle the affordable care act, I want them to improve it!

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