Speak up to protect the Affordable Care Act

Now more than ever, the country needs each of us to Speak Up and guarantee that key provisions of the Affordable Care Act are protected.

Join the fight.

Instead of working together to improve and strengthen the Affordable Care Act so that it works better for everyone, Republicans have repeatedly voted to just tear the whole thing down.

Americans and their families - regardless of their political stripes - need the safety and security of health coverage now more than ever.

Help us make better, affordable health coverage a reality for yourself and the people you care about.

What's at stake

The return of lifetime limits could bankrupt families all over again.

Anyone with a pre-existing condition will go back to being at the mercy of insurance companies.

People will lose life-saving FREE preventative care like free cancer screenings, tests, well visits and more.

The destruction of Medicare will increase seniors’ drug costs.

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